Olive Tree Pruning

Olive Tree Pruning, Andalucia, Spain.

These picual olive trees are two and three hundred year old trees so you’ll need more than a kitchen scissor for pruning.  Pruning olive trees in the world’s largest olive garden, Andalucia, Spain, normally takes place in early spring after the olive harvest.

The part I find interesting in this olive tree pruning video is how tons of olive branches and leaves are disposed.  My thought is there must be another way to get rid of this debris.

3 thoughts on “Olive Tree Pruning

    • Yeah. You can make an extract with organic olive leaves. Here is how:
      You’ll Need the following:

      * 250 grams of organic olive leaves
      * 3.5 liters of water
      * Crockpot
      * Cooking thermometer
      * Glass or stainless container with lid

      Put the olive leaves and water in the Crockpot and put the heat on low – use the cooking thermometer to measure the temperature to about 83 degrees Celsius.
      After the Crockpot reaches its temperature, cover and simmer for 12 hours. Check ever once in a while to be sure the water level is where it should be.
      After 12 hours turn off the Crockpot and the olive leaf extract cool for 3 or 4 hours.
      Pour the extract into the glass or stainless container, seal and refrigerate.

      There you have it!

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