Olive Oil And Diabetes – Symptoms of Diabetes

This is episode one of a three part series called Olive Oil And Diabetes. Symptoms of Diabetes is episode 1 and it describes symptoms experienced by D’Olive Branche and how he handled finding out he had diabetes. In the movie D’Olive has a conversation with twin alter egos, Bee and Alec.

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7 thoughts on “Olive Oil And Diabetes – Symptoms of Diabetes

  1. I think this is by far one of my favorite sites to visit. I saw your symptoms of diabetes video on YouTube. You have done well on healthy living and eating right. I disagree on some points but most of the points you made i can respect.

    • A few days ago I was in Germany and I cooked some chicken breast in curry powder I bought at an Indian store in Miami. I am waiting on some free time to prepare this dish on camera. The olive with the curry turned out to be a delicious match between east and west. My friends loved it. Of course we had a serious joker in the group that said the dish would have been better if we used free range chickens.

  2. I have been watching your olive information website for some time and I noticed it has changed from the monitor only web pages. I like the presentation much better.

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