How To Grow Olive Trees

2 thoughts on “How To Grow Olive Trees

  1. Where can I buy seeds to grow an olive tree in my backyard? And what is the difference between the three types of olives that you listed? I would like to produce my own olive tree so that I can make my own olive oil but I am not sure which type of olive would be best for olive oil production. Looking forward to more vides!

    • If you are hoping to be around this planet for olives or olive oil from trees planted from olive seeds then you might be planning on being around here for quite some time. But no seriously, most olive trees today are purchased at nurseries and are transplanted. Have you given that option some thought? As far as the the differences between the three olive varieties I mentioned apart from the countries they are from, Spain and Greece respectively, is taste. The oil from the three are similar in many ways with a slight difference in smell and taste. I like to consider oil from these olives as dipping and finishing oils. Dipping as the word implies, is great for dipping bread and finishing meaning that you put the oil on things you’ve already cooked or that is going to consumed raw.

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