Season’s First Olive Oil Taste

This is post number 3 and it was supposed to be about fertilization and pruning olive trees as I said in last Sundays post. But I have changed my mind. Instead we will leave Miami from (MIA) Miami International Airport, head to Frankfurt and Düsseldorf, Germany on our way to the first of the season olive oil taste at an olive estate called Finca La Capellania in the city of Benarraba, on the southern coast of Spain. Now doesn’t that sound more interesting?

There is one other thing. On our way to Frankfurt we’ll ride first class on an Airbus 380, The world largest passenger aircraft. We’ll check out the food and service on board to see what you get for a 12,200 dollar one way ticket. Even though I expected the food on board to be great I still took my own habanero olive oil hot sauce with me.

I’ll stop at a famous German bakery to get some great bread to take to the first olive oil taste at Finca La Capellania.

So, for now I am going to head upstairs and get ready to go to Miami International airport tomorrow at 4 PM for the 8 hour first class flight across the Atlantic in an airbus A380. I am definitely looking forward to this trip. Now let’s go to Finca La Capellania on the southern coast of Spain!

It’s 9:00 Thursday morning and I will leave for Frankfurt and Düsseldorf Germany at 4:00 PM today. It’s quite windy and there are some strange cloud formation over Miami Beach and sea is unusually rough. I hope the weather would calm down before my flight leaves this afternoon.

I hate flying when its bumpy and I don’t know what that would be like in a plane with over 500 potential screamers on board.

At the moment it doesn’t look very good. There is a tornado forming on the sea and I just felt the first drop of rain.

I going to head back to the house and watch the weather from there. By the time I arrived at the house the wind and rain had picked up speed. Look at the coconuts.

In any case I am already packed for the ride across the Atlantic but the way things are shaping up today it doesn’t look good. I hope the weather would settle down but then it began raining and the wind is picking up speed.

It is now 1:00 PM and I am now on my way to Miami International airport. The rain and wind have suddenly stopped and the sun was trying to break through the clouds. I guess it was just one of those weird weather systems we get here in Florida from time to time.

That’s a good thing because

In any case my weather concern was quickly replaced by the excitement I had when Nadim invited me to their olive harvest at his family’s olive estate, Finca La Capellania.

I arrived at Miami International and checked at the first class counter and was assigned seat 4 A. That’s a window seat.

I was amazed at how quickly the ground staff and flight crew were able to manage over 500 passengers into our seats. While eagerly awaiting the plane to be push back from the gate I began playing around with the electronics built around my seat. This is an adjustable foot stool where I stored my personal belonging, like the personal care package I was given shortly after settling in.

The a flight attendant came over and offered me a drink, and I asked for a Johnny Walker blue label Scotch whiskey.

A few months earlier, I flew on an Airbus 380 maiden flight and was invited into the cockpit by the first officer who introduced me to the captain. While in the cockpit I could not help noticing that this massive jet, just like the one we are on right now, had no steering wheels. At least not in the places I’ve come to expect them.

I got settled in and began playing around with the many gadgets around my seat. Out of the over 500 seats on board this aircraft there are only eight in first class. And there are four crew members just to service the 8 of us.

We have just pushed away from the gate and seat monitor is now displaying an image of the jet taxiing to the runway. I was once told that most mishaps with aircrafts occurs during takeoff I am not sure about the accuracy of that statistic, but it has left a permanent expression of fear always just before takeoff. So I am always tense for the first few minutes. Once we are in the sky, I am fine.

Ok we are taking off now and the plane feels quite heavy. Ok, up, up, up there we go. We are in the sky. Ooh great, I was so excited to go on this trip that I skipped lunch. But after we reach cruising altitude the dinner service should begin and I can’t wait. I have something special that my daughter made and gave for me for this trip.

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