6 thoughts on “Growing olives in Georgia, USA?

  1. hello,my friend,how are you doing today? I sent you an email 2 weeks ago about the type of soil for growing olives?

  2. Enjoy your videos very much. I have been growing olive trees in North Alabama for about 6 or 7 years now. A small orchard of about 15 trees. Doing rather well Got first blooms last year and the storms blew them off. This year about 4 trees are in bloom and two with small olives…I am gladd to here that other people in the south are trying this. I have been telling people for many years that the Olive tree will do well in the South Eastern U.S. The tree has to acclimate. I am gladd to here other people growing olive tree in the southeast its good..

    • When something is new to people they tend to not want to believe what they are seeing or being told. It is nice to see people with foresight and courage to pursue their thoughts. Way to go Stanley!

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